Who we are: We are a nation-wide alliance of creative arts educators, researchers, and practitioners. We are working together to deepen our engagement with the challenges posed by climate change. We are leaders within our own institutions, and we come together to share knowledge and strengthen our capacity to act, make, and teach ethically through the climate crisis.

Our core business:

· To foster creative practices that are aware of and respond to the challenges of climate change;

· To centre Indigenous knowledge in climate-aware practice and pedagogy;

· To actively participate in climate justice;

· To understand the role of the creative arts in contributing to both issues and solutions pertaining to sustainability (for example, the environmental impacts of producing and presenting work in public).

Membership: The CACP Network was formed in 2023 at a workshop hosted by Monash University’s Faculty of Art Design & Architecture. Our members meet regularly to discuss approaches to teaching about the climate crisis, share knowledge and resources, and work on specific projects. We always welcome new members from Australian universities and TAFE creative arts schools. In addition to tenured academic staff, we welcome membership from casual and sessional academics, as well as postgraduate and undergraduate students. If you are interested in joining the CACP Network, please reach out to one of the academics listed below. STEERING COMMITTEE Katie Lee, Deakin University Bronwyn Bailey-Charteris, University of New South Wales Lucas Ihlein, University of Wollongong Tara McDowell, Monash University Helen Hughes, Monash University Terri Bird, Monash University MEMBERS Alexander Burchmore, University of Sydney Ally Bisshop, Griffith University Amelia Barikin, University of Queensland Andrew Goodman, La Trobe University Bianca Hester, University of New South Wales Cameron Bishop, Deakin University Charles Robb, Queensland University of Technology Clare McCracken, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Clare Milledge, University of New South Wales David Cross, Deakin University Dominique Chen, Griffith University Felicity Fenner, University of New South Wales Jan Hogan, University of Tasmania Jo Pollitt, Edith Cowan University Keith Armstrong, Queensland University of Technology Lauren Burrow, University of South Australia Lyndall Adams, Edith Cowan University Nicholas Mangan, Monash University Niklavs Rubenis, University of Tasmania Patricia Flanagan, University of New South Wales Pia van Gelder, Australian National University Prudence Gibson, University of New South Wales Raquel Ormella, Australian National University Sarah Pirrie, Charles Darwin University Scott East, University of New South Wales Susanna Castleden, Curtin University Tessa Laird, Victorian College of the Arts Tristen Harwood, Independent Simone Slee, Victorian College of the Arts Mark Friedlander, Victorian College of the Arts Anastasia Murney, University of New South Wales Izabela Pluta, University of New South Wales Linda Hassall, Griffith University

Presented In

Stream B: Panel Three

Dr Bronwyn Bailey-Charteris, UNSW

Dr Helen Hughes, Monash University

Dr Lucas Ihlein, University of Wollongong

Dr Katie Lee, Deakin University

Associate Professor Tara McDowell, Monash University