This paper examines the experiences of embedding values of inclusion, diversity, equity, and access (IDEA) in creative arts pedagogies within RMIT’s School of Art. RMIT’s IDEA Framework (implemented university-wide in 2023) moves away from discrete identity-based approaches to inclusion towards an intersectional and wholistic approach across all operations and locations. This has seen previous standalone plans addressing singular identities replaced with a single plan across all five domains: teaching and learning; research; external partnerships and influence; infrastructure; and, services. This new Framework embeds universal inclusive design across every part of the university. The School of Art IDEA Collective is the first of its kind at RMIT and has implemented a series of innovations in response to this new Framework. These strategies include direct measures (an IDEA Checklist for staff, Student Services Summary Guide, Respectful Conversations Guidelines for student critique sessions and supervision meetings), as well as community building measures (an IDEA Gallery Space, lunchtime IDEA discussion groups). This paper argues that these inclusive practices combine with innovation and imagination to form positive impacts on creative arts pedagogies.

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