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Dr Melinda Gaughwin is a designer, researcher, and educator with over ten years of experience teaching design at higher education institutions in Australia. She currently works at the University of South Australia as a design educator (undergraduate and postgraduate) and a research assistant on a number of social design projects. Prior to returning to UniSA, Melinda worked as an Associate Lecturer and Academic Fellow in design at The University of Sydney where she coordinated and taught Design for Social Impact, Principles of Design, Design Process and Methods, Design Thinking, and Experience and Service Design, and taught into the postgraduate interdisciplinary unit, Inventing the Future. Melinda’s research explores how design politically shapes material and immaterial everyday lives, and how critiques of design can uncover this shaping. She holds a Ph.D. in Design Studies, a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) (Communication Design), and a Bachelor of Arts (Film).

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